Yamapi’s Profile

-Name: Tomohisa Yamashita
-Real Name: Tomohisa Manatsu
-Birth Date: 9 April 1985
-Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
-Blood Type: A
-Zodiac: Aries
-Nicknames: Yamapi, Pi, Pi-chan (by Ryo-chan), Pi-tan (by ProDai casts)
-Height: 175cm
-Weight: 60kg
-Measurements: chest size 98cm!
-Eyesight: Left 1.0, Right 0.3
-Shoe Size: 27cm
-Character: Dislike losing to others, stubborn and his temper is very bad in the morning.
-Weak Points: Too carefree, don’t know how to make people laugh, can’t handle many tasks at once, and also he’s afraid of being tickle.
-Skills: Dancing, Acting, Composing songs
-Special Skills: He can drink weider in jelly very fast
-Specialty: Know a little bit of mimicking esp. Beat Takeshi (Kitano Takeshi).
-Hobbies: Softball and karate.
-Interest: Styling, filming etc.
-Habit: Forgot to zip his pants!
-Lucky Number: 1 & 7
-School: Meiji University (Business Department)
-Favorite Food: Yoghurt, Boiled Egg, etc.
-Favorite Colors: Black, White, Red.
-Favorite Season: Summer
-Favorite Animation: Doraemon and DRAGONBALL Z.
-Favorite Word: “Majide?!” (“Really?!”)
-Favorite Brand: A Bathing Ape, Louis Viutton
-Favorite Thing: Doraemon
-Favorite Song: All songs by Southern Allstars
-Family Members: Mother Naomi and younger sister Rina.
-Pet: A dog named Pi-chan. It was given to him by Masaya Hattori and was named by Hideaki Takizawa. And another dog called Hime-chan.
-Best Friends: Toma Ikuta, Jun Hasegawa, Ryo Nishikido (NEWS & Kanjani8) and Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN), Shirota Yu (D-BOYS)
-Ideal Type of Girl: Sincere, cute, gentle with a good character and good cooking.
-First Love: During kindergarten
-Places that he wanted to go: New York, Hawaii, Bali Island
-Jr. History: September 1996 joined Johnny’s Jimusho.
-Respected Seniors: Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey&Tsubasa), KinKi Kids.
-Previous appearances in concerts (not complete): Sugao 2, 3, 109 109 Concert, Happy NEWS Year Concert 2004, Summary, NEWSnow Concert 2005, Spring Concert 2005, Happy NEWS Year Concert 2006, Spring Concert 2006, Spring Concert 2007, First Concert in Taiwan 2007, Winter Concert 2007-2008
– Movies : Kurosagi The Movie (2008) -Dramas (not complete): Kabachitare! (2000), Nishi Ikebukuro Kouen (Ikebukuro West Gate Park I.W.G.P.) (2000), Long Love Letter (2001), Lunch no Jyoou (2002), Stand Up!! (2003), Sore wa Totzunen Arashi no you ni (2004), Dragon Zakura (2005), Nobuta wo Produce (2005), Kurosagi (2006), Propose Daisakusen : Love Operation (2007)
-Short Dramas (not complete): Boys Be… Jr. (1998, Episode 8), P.P.O.I. (1999), Saiaku no Deeto (Episode 1), Kowai no Nichiyoubi, The Boy who Turned into a Bird (2001), Crazy Virgin Road (2003), Budou no Ki (2003), Byakkotai (2007), etc
-Variety Shows (not complete): The Shounen Club, The Yoru mo Hippare, USO!? Japan, MUSIC STATION etc.
– Yamapi’s weight at birth is 3600gr.
– He joined Johnny’s Jimusho because he saw Hideaki Takizawa, Tsubasa Imai and Kawamae in “Mokuyou no Kaidan” and wanted to act in it too.
– His treasures are his family, friends, dreams, his features, jeans and Air Jordan 1.
– When he was young, he loved to go to the park and play with the sandpit!
– Words that he will express to the girl that he like are, “Please be my girlfriend.” The more simple, the better.
– He dislikes his own fingers because they were too short.
– He also dislikes fans making prank calls.
– Sports that he has learnt are karate (from kindergarten to Primary 4 and he’s got purple belt), baseball, athletes club (joined in Junior High and the event that he’s satisfy with is short running in which he got a record of 7.6 sec in 50m short run) and swimming (learnt it for 2 years).
– The most shocking thing that ever happened to him was when he was transferred to another school and a boy expressed his love to him! Apparently, the boy mistook him for a girl!
– His most unforgettable memory was when he finished running a 20km marathon in Hawaii.
– His target is to be like Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey&Tsubasa).
– He wants to live in Hawaii if he retired in entertainment business.
– He uses left hand to eat, bowling, dart and the rest with right hand.

His Dorama

01. Kiken no Kankei (Dangerous Relationship)

broadcasted :
other casts : Goro Inagaki, Norika Fujiawara, etc
Yamapi only appeared in 2 scenes, acted as a murderer, very cool character in such a young age.

02. Nishi Ikebukuro Kouen (Ikebukuro West Gate Park I.W.G.P.)

broadcasted : April~June 2000, TBS
other casts : Tomoya Nagase, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Ai Kato, etc
It’s about Ikebukuro West Gate Park that yamapi played as a boy who looking for his best friend who lost in Ikebukuro. And he asked Nagase to help him to found his friend.

03. Kabachitare

broadcasted : January ~ March 2001, Fuji TV
other casts : Takako Tokiwa, Eri Fukatsu, Satoshi Tsumabuki, etc
Tokiwa’s character is a very naive girl, he moved to Tokyo and being fooled by her boyfriend, He sold her to an onsen owned by a Yakuza to be a hostess. She got rescued by Fukatsu’s character who is a legal officer. Yamapi is Tokiwa’s brother who came all the way from Hiroshima to Tokyo by bicyle LOL! In his new school, he had a crush with this pretty girl who also liked him. But one day his girlfriend is moving to London, he didn’t want to be a part from her, he proposed her but instead he got his ass kicked by her dad.

04. Long Love Letter

broadcasted : January ~ March 2002, Fuji TV
other casts : Takako Tokiwa, Yosuke Kubozuka, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Takayuki Yamada, etc
it’s a science fiction drama, quite twisted. The whole school got leap to the future, but there’s nothing beside desert. Yamapi was a student, a crazy female teacher had a crush on him, when she monopolized foods, she told him to have sex with her to get foods in return . But lucky he said no. He’s not the main character in this drama, but i like the part when he helped this handicap girl, very yasashi yo!

05. Lunch no Jyou

broadcasted : July ~ September 2002, Fuji TV
other casts : Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yosuke Eguchi, Yuko Takeuchi, Takayuki Yamada, Go Morita etc
the story is about a girl named Natsumi acted by Takeuchi who stayed in a family restaurant, she lied to the family saying that she’s the fiancée of the 1st brother. Yamapi is the 4th son in the family, and his character here is really cute!! 2nd bro and 3rd are fighting to win Natsumi’s heart, but Yamapi’s character also liked her, he even kissed her in the beach in front of the 2nd bro LOL!

06. Stand Up

broadcasted : July ~ September 2003, TBS
other casts : Kazunari Ninomiya, Hiroki Narimiya, Shun Oguri, Anne Suzuki,etc
haha, this is my fave drama of him ever! he acted as KenKen, part of a DB4 (doitei boys 4 = virgin boys 4) with Shochan (Nino), Udayan (Narimiya) and Kokun (Oguri). During the summer vacation, their old friend Chie (Suzuki) went back to the town, after being dumped by his girlfriend, KenKen fell in love with Chie, but Chie has a crush on Shochan, while Shochan liked their english teacher. The story is about friendship and the summer goal of the DB4 to lose their virginity before summer end LOL!

07. Sore wa Totzunen Arashi no You ni

broadcasted : January ~ March 2004, TBS
other casts : Makiko Esumi, etc
in this drama, Yamapi is the main character! his character Takuma is a 3rd grade highschool student who fell in love with much older woman named Kozue who is already married! They met up the 1st time in the middle of the street in the mist of rain, Kozue saved his life before a truck got hit Takuma who was in his mind thinking about eating Oden during rainy day ^^;; Takuma work as a teacher at a dance studio. He invited Kozue to dry up there. They bumped to each other ever since. Takuma had a heart problem that made him hospitalized. Kozue who was about to go the ski trip with her husband run to the hospital. i laughed so hard when the nurse thought Kozue was his mum LOL! Takuma expressed his feeling for her, but she kept on saying no even when her husband found out about Takuma and asked for a divorce. i feel really bad for Takuma after watching this drama, coz he got rejected again and again by Kozue.

08. Dragon Zakura

broadcasted : July ~ September, TBS
other casts : Hiroshi Abe, Kyoko Hasegawa, Teppei Koike, Masami Nagasawa
Yamapi acted as a bad boy this time, sugoii! so kakkoi! his character Yusuke Yajima must carry his father’s debt therefore when Sakuragi sensei helped him to pay the debt he was forced to join other students in intensive study for entering Todai. the method was really unique and funny! he got a girlfriend there but he was closer to his childhood friend than his gf hehe! unfortunately at the end he refused to enter Todai as he wanted to study more and became lawyer to help his mom.

09. Nobuta wo Produce

broadcasted : October ~ December 2005, NTV
other casts : Kazuya Kamenashi, Maki Horikita, etc
This is probably the most extreme character Yamapi ever acted in! Akira is amusing LOL! he’s baka, bubbly and did many stupid things like flapping hands as if he was flying whenever he walked downstairs, sticking his chin to Shuji’s shoulder, touching anyone esp. Nobuta and a soya-milk freak. at first i thought he was exaggerating, it’s impossible for human to be cho~genki all the time like that, but later i fell in love with his character, he’s very yasashi and value friendship so much, he even gave up when he found out that Nobuta, the girl that he and Shuji produced likes Shuji more than him. i love the story! now i can’t choose which one is my ultimate fave drama between Stand Up! and Nobuta wo Produce ^^;;

10. Kurosagi

started : April ~ June 2006, TBS
other casts : Maki Horikita, Sho Aikawa, Yui Ichikawa, etc
His first solo lead role, omedetou! *throws confetti*! Kurosagi based from a manga about con-artist who swindle other swindlers, his past was dark, he was the sole survivor from the mass suicide commited by his own father coz he was swindled by a Shirosagi *white swindler*, therefor Kurosagi’s aim was to destroy all Shirosagis to revenge for his family’s death. there’s a law student Tsurara who always bumped into him, she disagreed with his choice to be a swindler, and even Kurosagi seemed to be really annoyed by her, deep inside he cares for her. catch Yamapi in many characters and disguises here as a con-artist, and the way he swindled was really interesting!

11. Propose Daisakusen (Operation Love)

started : April ~ June 2007, Fuji TV
other casts : Masami Nagazawa, Nana Eikura, Yuta Hiraoka, etc
A romance comedy, a story about a pitiful guy named Ken Iwase who attended his bestfriend’s wedding, her name is Rei Yoshida, they are always together since elementary school and he always loves her, but never confessed to her, and he regretted it so much. A church fairy helps him to slip the time back to change his future.

12. Shounentachi

broadcasted : December 1998, NHK
i haven’t seen this drama yet, so can’t comment T_T
other casts : Masaki Aiba, etc
*no sreen-caps yet*

13. P.P.O.I

broadcasted : May ~ June 1999, NTV
other casts : Masaki Aiba, Ryouta Uesato, Yuichi Nakamaru, etc
this is a Johnny’s Jr drama coz u can see many Jrs here, Takki was the host. It’s about friendship and love. Amano-kun (Yamapi) liked Hinaki, and she also liked him, but Hinaki’s bestfriend Makoto also had a crush on him. Hinaki didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Makoto so kept silent about her feeling toward Amano. Amano’s bestfriend is Aiba’s character who is a super idol in the school, he’s a basket ball star. Once Amano and Hinaki got crossdressing, and a boy from other school thought he was a girl and called him Joanna LOL!

14. Shounen wa Tori ni Natta

broadcasted : April 2001, TBS
other casts : Shunsuke Kazama, etc
Yamapi’s character is a boy who loved collecting anything about birds. His mum is quite protective coz of his health. The story is sad, about a boy who is struggling his life fighting his sickness, he said to his mum to not worry, coz even when he died, he will turn into a bird and watch over his family T_T

15. Crazy Virgin Road

broadcasted : April 2003, Fuji TV
this is an engimono drama, so the story is twisted like always ^^;; Yamapi’s character Hajime worked at a convenience shop. He got a date with this girl, but while waiting, he got kidnapped by 4 virgin women who wanted him to have sex with them LOL! they brought him to a love hotel and actually Hajime is also a virgin boy LOL! i don’t really understand the story tho, but seeing his facial expression in here is really cute!!

16. Budou no Ki

broadcasted : November 2003, Fuji TV
other casts : Tohru Nakamura, etc
a family drama, about a couple husband and wife who can’t have children adopted a son. He’s a loner, so they also adopted a daughter as he once asked for a younger sister. Yamapi is the teenager adopted son. He’s quite rebel, always argued with his mum, but inside he’s really care for his family.

17. Byakkotai

start : 7th January 2007, Asahi TV
other casts : Koki Tanaka, Taisuke Fujigaya, etc
a special historical drama, about byakkotai soldiers which formed to protect Aizu, he will act as 2 different characters (Sakai Mineji and Sakai Shintaro). he looks HOT in yutaka and i thought he won’t look nice with chonmage hair but after i saw the news clips, it doesn’t look bad on him LOL!

18. Boys Be

other casts : Maeda Aki, Akiyama Jun, Hasegawa Jun, etc
a Johnny’s Jr short drama show, based from manga. About boy’s date experiences based on their zodiac sign and blood type *does it really matter in Japan?* Yamapi’s ones is about the first date, he was really nervous and asked a senpai to teach him how to impress the girl on the first date. Chibi Yamapi was super duper cute here!

19. Kowai no Nichiyoubi

other casts : Toma Ikuta, Koki Tanaka, etc
a Johnny’s Jr short drama show, hosted by Yamapi, Toma, Koki and another boy who i don’t know the name ^^;; As the title, the show is a bit scary, the story is about ghosts and other unsual things. the Yamapi episode is about Doppler Ganger, a boy who meet his twin before he died.

20. Saiaku no Deeto (Worst Date)

other casts : Shigeaki Kato, etc
another Johnny’s Jr short drama show, hosted by Masaki Aiba and Vivian Hsu, they read letters about teenager’s worst date experiences and made short drama with Jrs on it ^^ Yamapi’s episode is about a boy named Yuuki who was panicked about his 1st date with a girl and asked his friend to follow him and give him advice on sms LOL! But the girl was also did the same, forcing her friend to give her advice on sms LOL! Their mobiles is alike so when they got bumped by a man, and made their mobiles fell to the floor they picked the wrong ones. Can imagine how the mess would be? So Yuuki read advice for girl to boy and vice versa LOL!

from: yamapi-time.net


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  1. Do you know where I can watch Kabachitare, Budou no Ki, Shounentachi, Boys Be, Kowai no Nichiyoubi and Saiaku no Deeto ? Please .

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