Ryo X Pi

this is story from yamapi-time, made by dianne…
hontouni first time when i red this strori…i’m SHOCK!!! i think this the true story that pi and ryo homo…
but after i know the trurth…i’m laughing…ha…ha…ha…

this the best story….

thank for dianne who had writen this story…arigatou gozaimasuuu….

Title : Ashita He
Genre : BL
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : Yamapi x Ryo
Disclaimer : i don’t own Pi and Ryo, so don’t sue me!


It was the last day show for NEWS Spring Concert, and all the members bowed to the audiences. Sweats and tears mixed in their faces, they couldn’t stop bowing and thanking the fans that supported them until the last day. As for tomorrow, NEWS would be on the break, it means no more group activities. It was their last day together as a group for year 2006. They held each other hands and bowed for the last time before disappearing inside the backstage.

The Johnny’s Juniors clapped their hands, Yamapi just nodded to anyone who shouted, “Otsukaresamadeshita” to him. Ryo even didn’t bother to notice his surrounding, he just walked straight to the dressing room. He was the first one who banged the door and entered it. Yamapi followed him, and so the other members. All of them remained silent, even Koyama didn’t speak any words. Everyone felt the same, tho it’s not the end of their group but starting tomorrow everyone would do their own things.

They changed their costumes to their own clothes slowly, and still no one dares to break the ice. Yamapi felt himself as a bad leader, he has no idea what to say, he should at least make a short speech, but he just lost on his own words. He wasn’t happy at first to be in NEWS but little by little he enjoyed each of passing time with his fellow group mates. He already missed Uchi and Kusano’s genkiness and now he would surely miss Koyama’s babbling, Shige and Tegoshi’s super fast talking contest, Massu’s sunshine smile, and most of all he would miss the most special person in his heart, Ryo.

He glanced at the black haired guy who just took off his shirt, Yamapi couldn’t stop his heartbeat, he tried not looking at Ryo’s delicate dark skin, and kept him busy collected his own stuff.


He turned around and saw Tegoshi behind him.

“Yes, Tegoshi?”

“Ano, can I have your autograph? I always wanted to ask for it, but I was really shy since we are in the same group, but I’m afraid after today it will be hard to see you.”

Yamapi nearly didn’t catch what he said, since he talked very fast, but he saw him with pen and paper, he felt touched, he knew that Tegoshi always admired him, but never crossed in his mind that he would ask his autograph, especially with all of the group mates looking at them.

“Iiyo, arigatou ne!” Yamapi took the paper and started scrabbling his autograph, it’s written, ”To Tegoshi Yuya, keep singing with your beautiful voice, Yamashita Tomohisa” and passed back the paper to him.

Tegoshi received the paper, read it and tears started falling in his cheek, Yamapi couldn’t help his tears either and he hugged Tegoshi, the younger boy sobbed in his chest. Koyama patted Tegoshi’s shoulder, but instead of calming Tegoshi, he also cried. Massu and Shige joined the little crying festival, only Ryo who stood still and just looked the whole scene with his cold eyes.

“Minna…” finally Yamapi could open his mouth.

“Thank you for everything, it’s been wonderful to work with all of you, and please remember NEWS will always be NEWS, no matter what happen.”

“Hai, itsumademo!” added Massu.

“Bravo NEWS!” shouted Koyama.

“Please keep in touch!” cried Tegoshi.

“I will miss you all!” followed Shige.

Only Ryo who remained silent. None of them could guess what’s on his mind.


“Ryo-chan!” called Yamapi when they left the dressing room.


“You are going back to Osaka now?”

“Yes, in 2 hours time.” as he glimpsed his hand watch.

“Can we talk before you go?”

“Ok.” replied Ryo shortly.


They entered Ryo’s hotel room, as he still needed to collect all his belonging before going to the train station, beside Yamapi said he would take him off.

“Chotto ne, I have to pack first.” and followed by Yamapi’s nod, and then he sat in Ryo’s bed. His eyes observed the room, sometimes he wondered how Ryo managed to work overload like that? He was worried of his health, and he also worried after tomorrow he couldn’t see him as much as before. Sabishi. Lonely.

“Ok, I’m done, so what do you want to talk about?” said Ryo all the sudden.

“Etoo, I’m just worried, you didn’t talk at all at the dressing room.”

“I don’t fancy the crying festival.”

“No Ryo, listen, it’s not just that. You have been cold with me since we are formed in NEWS. Why? Did I make you mad in a way?”

No answer.

“You never mentioned me as your friend in interviews, you always favored Tegoshi lately. You are always way too polite to me, never bully me like what you did to Kusano, Shige and Massu, and you never talk to me about work like you did with Uchi and Koyama.”

Still no answer.

“Why Ryo?” Yamapi asked in despair.

“It hurts me because you always treat me differently. We weren’t like this before, we were such a good friends, Ryo! Sometimes I even envy at Ueda, because he always got your attention.”

“So you want me to be cruel with you?” snapped Ryo.

“No, I just want you to treat me as your friend.”

“I can’t, Pi!”

“Why? You still can’t forgive me?”

“Yes! Because you weren’t there when I needed you the most!”

“I already apologized, over and over again, and you still can’t forgive me? What do you want me to do? Beg on my knees?” Yamapi kneeled down but Ryo held his hand.

“No Pi, I lied, it’s not the reason. I have already forgiven you long time ago.” Then Ryo faced down the floor.

“Then what is it? Why you never treat me as your friend?” demanded Yamapi and shook Ryo’s tiny shoulder.

“Aho! It’s because I love you!”

Yamapi was speechless, it never crossed in his mind that Ryo would have the same feeling as him, as he was always been so cold toward him.

“I have always loved you, Pi-chan! Since we were young!”

“But why the sudden change, Ryo?”

“I’m jealous with Toma and Jin, you always spend more time with them.”

“I’m sorry, after you returned to Osaka, I have no friends to play with, so I played with them.” regretted Yamapi. Ryo didn’t say any words, he turned back, he felt the warm on his face, he was ashamed for the confession, and he was afraid that Yamapi scared of him.

He gasped when Yamapi embraced him from behind. And he whispered, “Demo ureshii na, I love you too, Ryo-chan!”

Ryo turned his body and faced Yamapi, still couldn’t believe at his words. Without he realized it, tears trailed down.

“Sshhh, don’t cry! From now on, we will always be together!”

“But we live in different town!”

“We will always find our way, Ryo! We both work most of time in Tokyo ne?”

Ryo nodded and he hugged Yamapi, Yamapi wiped his tears with his hand. And he drifted closer and kissed him. It was their first kiss ever, and when their tongue met, the kiss got even deeper and deeper. They both fell into the bed and panting their breaths away, Yamapi was about to take off Ryo’s shirt, when he held him, “Pi-chan, my shinkansen will depart in 30 minutes!”

“Ryo-chan! You still care for shinkansen at this important moment? I will drive you to Osaka if you ask me to!”

“Honma ni? Oh well, screw shinkansen then…” and continued their kissing and caressing moment. Starting tomorrow everything will be different for both of them. They might not in the same group anymore, but their souls has became one.

*the end*

by : Dianne, March 2006


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